Live on the Web: Anglo Concertina Lessons

I have been giving private lessons on the Anglo concertina in New York City for years, but now I also offer online web-based lessons to anyone in the world via Skype.

I play and teach in the harmonic style (otherwise known as “English” style). Basically, that means melody on the right hand and self-accompaniment on the left. I can help all levels from beginner to experienced players become better musicians and learn to play their whole instrument. I would be pleased to work on tunes or songs that interest
you and also make appropriate tune suggestions to further your learning. These are one-on-one, real-time personalized lessons that conform to your musical interests and abilities. Most students play C/G or G/D Anglos.

My 30 years of experience on the instrument can help you advance rapidly and inspire you with tips and techniques to help make your playing richer and more satisfying. I am a patient and experienced teacher, familiar with a wide variety of songs and tunes played at American and English sessions and dances including contra, old-time tunes and songs, Playford and ceilidh dance tunes, tunes for morris and sword as well as Swedish and Irish tunes. For beginners, I can show you how to get both hands working together to play the tune with accompaniment. For intermediate or advanced players I will work with your strengths and abilities to get the most out of your Anglo.

The lessons can be weekly , bimonthly or on an individual basis. They cost $60 usd per session. Payment is best made through A lesson session typically includes an hour online with me and a printable document. It may also include an mp3 of me playing your tune or an exercise at a tempo that will be useful to you. For regular students I include a brief check-in midweek to see how things are going and prepare for the next lesson.

If you are looking for the pure drop or traditional Claire style of Irish concertina playing … though lovely stuff, I don’t play it or teach it.

For online lessons, you will need to have a broadband internet connection and a free Skype account. Your computer will need to be connected to a webcam, a microphone and headphones or earbuds. The Skype medium works surprisingly smoothly. Both parties can hear well and the video quality is good, with few dropouts and glitches. Face to face is absolutely better if you are within striking distance of Brooklyn, NY – but my Skype students are all over the globe and don’t have to take the subway to Brooklyn for a lesson.

If you are interested, please email me using the contact link below.