Henry and I are available for:

• Picnics
• Festivals
• Street Fairs
• Fund Raisers
• Family Concerts
• Birthday Parties
• Corporate Events
• Classroom Visits - singing games, dances and songs
• Theme Parties and Seasonal Celebrations - Christmas, Pirates, Nautical, Victorian,
Barn Dance, Busking, Early American, English, Saint Patrick's Day.
Henry is a planchet marionette puppet controlled by a single string attached to my knee. While singing and accompanying Henry on the concertina, I bounce my leg and Henry dances to the music. His dancing is surprisingly rich and expressive for such a simple little guy. Folks don't pass by without giving Henry a second glance, and many stay to laugh at his antics, and then to listen to the unique sound of the anglo concertina.
The instrument I play is a fully restored antique squeeze box. The sound of the concertina is reminiscent of a miniature church organ or a brass choir, loud but sweet, rhythmic and punchy, great for dancing and above all, cheerful. I talk to the audience, sing songs and let kids pull Henry's string to make him dance. People seem to enjoy this, and I usually gather a crowd. Ask about including more musicians in the band. Fiddle, guitar, banjo, mandolin, clarinet, bass and piano are all available. Remember, two musicians make ten times more music than one.