Stump-Tail Dog...the folk process revealed!

Stump-Tail Dog is a downstate Illinois tune collected by Garry Harrison in 1977 from the playing of Howard Sims, then 80 years old. Fiddler Lynn "Chirps" Smith was involved in the collecting project and in 1994 recorded the tune on his album Midwestern Harvest.

I heard it this march at a late night session at the Palestine Old-Time and Dulcimer Festival in Texas while playing with Mark Gilston and Stephen Seifert on dulcimers. It was clear at the time that Stump-Tail Dog would make a great Anglo concertina tune so I got together with fiddler Paul Friedman back home here in Brooklyn and we tried it out.
Click the button above to listen to an mp3 of back to back clips from Chirps’ CD, the Texas session and Paul’s living room.

May 2007