Killing Me Softly
(with Kung Fu)
I heard he was a killer;
He didn't look so tough
And so I picked him out
And I started to do my stuff
I said some words about his hygiene
As we passed in the parking lot...

And now he's strumming my face
with his fingers
Changing my nose with his foot
Killing me softly with kung fu,
Knocking my block off with kung fu
Changing my outlook, with his shoe,
Killing me softly with kung fu

I couldn't keep from laughing,
As he made funny motions in the air
But then he walked right through me,
As if I wasn't there
So I hid behind a lamp post,
But he broke it right in two...


So I went to get my tire iron,
To put a dent in his mind
But someone said, "You can't do it,
He's only 3'9",
But then he ate my Toyota;
Thought I'd better apologize, but...

Jack Tempchin wrote this parody of the classic Lauryn Hill / Roberta Flack hit song from the 70’s. Here are the lyrics:
You can hear my performance from the 2008 Northeast Squeeze-In evening concert by clicking below. Thanks Stewart Dean for recording the concert.
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