Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss
Fly around the party,
Fly around the hall,
Fly around to the center of the room then
Twirl out to the wall

Fly around my pretty little miss,
Fly around my daisy
Fly around my pretty little miss,
You almost drive me crazy
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Here are a number of files to help you figure this tune out. For both C/G and G/D Anglos I've got scores in tabulature, midi files of the scores and MP3 files of me playing the tunes pretty much the way the scores are notated. Don't be put off by the tab scores. Reading music is not required for the workshop.
This is a fine old-time American tune recorded by many, and it sounds great on both C/G and G/D Anglo concertina. I picked this tune for my workshop at Whitby with Roger Digby last summer and I’ll be teaching it again at the North East Concertina workshop sponsored by the Button Box this coming April in Sunderland, Massachusetts.. If you are planning to attend and want to get a head start, here you go.