December 2007

Es ist ein Ros' entsprungen
(Lo, how a Rose e'er blooming)

My father is a Kruskal. The name is Eastern European. My mother’s side is Welsh.

She was a small town girl from the rich rolling farmlands of the Mohawk Valley in central New York state. She claims that she read every single book in the local library before heading off east for college. The German language and music were her main interests at school.

Later, when I was very young, I remember her playing Christmas carols and hymns on the piano in four part harmony. My brothers and I would gather round to sing. This 15th century German carol is one of my earliest memories.
The score below is in F, but I’m playing it here in C on my 31 button Morse Céilí Anglo concertina. In the home key, this tune offers rich harmonic possibilities on the Anglo. I play it through five times and each time is voiced differently. There are more choices yet to be discovered, I’m sure.