August 2007

I’m back home from playing festivals and riding trains in England this August. All along the way I played concerts, taught workshops, drank beer and met wonderful people including
Andrew and Margaret Watchorn from near Alnwick, Northumberland.

I had been squeezing with squeezers all day at the Royal Hotel in Bradfield and we were a bit weary and bleary with squeezing and fun and cider. Then Margaret and Andrew got there with their fiddle and pipes and the place exploded. The three of us played a few sets of American tunes they knew, and eyes popped with the refreshing sound after five hours of free reeds. They asked me to join them at their concert set that evening to great effect.

Later at Whitby, I called them up and the Watchorns drove down that Friday to join me for two concerts I was playing. We had a great rehearsal for a few hours before performing. The recordings below are understandably a bit rough... you can hear dishes being washed in the background.

Andrew is playing Northumbrian pipes in G and D. These high pipes along with the fiddle and my low pitched Dipper Anglo on the bottom make for an exciting trio sound that is still shimmering in my head weeks later.
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