All the Good Times Are Past and Gone

Forty of us gathered on a Sunday afternoon for my workshop this summer at Towersey Festival in Saint Catherine’s Church. Sunlight was streaming through the leaded windows of this ancient village church. It was a lovely quiet spot for playing and singing, away from the hubbub and excitements of the festival.
A woman who’s name I do not recall started up a great folk revival classic, All the Good Times are Past and Gone. It was just the right song for that moment and we did it proud. Hear it for yourself.

All the good times are past and gone
All the good times are o'er
All the good times are past and gone
Little darlin' don't you weep no more

I wish to the Lord I'd never been born
Or died when I was young
I never would have seen your sparkling blue eyes
Or heard your lying tongue

Don't you see that turtle dove
That flies from pine to pine
He's mourning for his own true love
Just like I mourn for mine

Don't you see that passing train
Going 'round the bend
It's taking away my own true love
Never to return again

Can't you see that turtle dove,
Flyin' from pine to pine,
She's mourning for her own true love,
Just like I mourn for mine.

Come back, come back my own true love
And stay awhile with me
For ever I've had a friend in this world
You've been a friend to me
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