These clients have invited me back year after year!

PS 114
, Brooklyn NY
Steiner Lower School, NYC
Battery Park Conservancy, NYC
Philipse Manor Hall, Yonkers, NY
Country Dance and Song Society, MA
Spencertown Academy, Spencertown, NY
Cathedral School at Saint John the Divine, NYC
Plymouth Church Preschool
, Brooklyn Heights, NY
Augusta Heritage Center, Davis and Elkins College, Elkins WV
Mohunk Mountain House Easter Family Weekend, New Paltz, NY
St Frances Day at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine with Ralph Lee
and his Mettawee River Company,
Jody's Dance Party, Family Square Dancing for all ages.
Let's Dance!
Workshops and Assemblies
Let's Dance! is available for class workshops and dance-party assemblies with students from kindergarten through 12th grade.

Staff Development
Special workshops for teachers can also be arranged, with written and recorded materials available. Educators will discover a valuable repertoire for their future use, and gain the tools to access it - right in the classroom.
Above all, it's fun... so, Let's Dance!
Bring Jody into your classroom...
or invite the whole band!
Family Hoedown
Invite your entire school community to a weekend or evening family hoedown where students will delight in dancing with their parents and siblings, teachers and staff. You will be amazed by how much fun everyone has dancing with each other.
Jody Kruskal and friends share their collection of circle, square, and line dances, playground games, and sidewalk songs. When the music starts, you can’t help but dance to the joyful sounds of the fiddle and concertina. Clear and friendly instruction is guaranteed to get everyone on their feet and moving to the beat.

Like the dancing masters of old, Jody draws on numerous cultures for his material. A single session might include old-time dances and singing games from the Southern States, New England, Scotland, Russia, Puerto Rico, Israel, and African-American traditions.

Children love the challenge of mastering these engaging dances. Teachers appreciate the way that traditional dancing fosters a spirit of cooperation and respect.
"We thought you were GREAT with the students. You're really good at what you do... a very inspiring evening.  Thanks so much, and we'll book early for next year"

– Parent Coordinators