Rachel Hall
I met Rachel at the Squeeze-In 2002 and we stayed up way too late squeezing out tunes into the wee hours. She’s a whiz at the English concertina and her playing style often includes chords and harmony... unusual on the English. Rachel is a professor at St. Joseph's University in Philidelphia. Click on the link above to read some fascinating research she’s been doing on the mathematics of music.

She plays with the celibrated trio Simple Gifts and has several cds available, check ‘em out.
Rachel's MP3s recorded during the 2007 Squeeze-In.
Three Swedish Tunes
1.  Untitled
2.  Polska from Fredrik Lundberg
3.  Getingen (The Wasp), slangpolska from Ola Bäckström

- by Linda Littleton, of Simple Gifts.
Kishinev is the capital of Moldova and is also known as Chisinau.

The Old Reel
- from the playing of Sarah Armstrong from Pennsylvania, collected in Hill Country Tunes by Sam Bayard.