The Tunes:

The Orange In Bloom

Princess Royal

My Lord of Sherborne’s Jig
Dexter founded New York City’s Bouwerie Boys Morris Dancers in 1979. Still dancing strong today, this team exemplifies a manly and elegant grace that is admired by all who see them.
John Dexter
Some morris musicians are notorious for subverting the rhythms and phrases of their tunes to more closely match the movements of the dancers— adding loft to leaps and capers.

Dexter and the other Bouwerie musicians
(most notably, Jessica Murrow on Pipe and Tabor) are among those who flex their timing, creating a unique and idiosyncratic music that is a perfect fit to their interpretation of the English Cotswold morris dancing tradition from the village of Sherborne.
John Dexter is a fine dancer and fiddler for his team. He's also a conservatory trained classical violist who performs with the celebrated Manhattan String Quartet. He travels the world playing Beethoven and Schubert, Shostakovich and Dvořák.
So... when he got hooked on the Anglo concertina a few years back, we were all wondering what he would do with it. Using his knowledge of arrangement, harmony and voice leading, Dexter taught himself to play a handful of the Sherborne tunes on his Jefferies 38 button C/G with full accompaniment. Not surprisingly, he has come up with a rich distinctive harmonic style employing the punchy flowing rhythms that the Bouwerie Boys are known for.
Daniel Friedman
Michael Duffy
Barbara Gorin